Why you Should Attend Nigeria Agricultural Enterprise Curriculum (NAEC)Training.



The Nigerian Agricultural Enterprise Curriculum (NAEC) is a training model designed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to train agribusinesses with simplistic and innovative methodology in order to employ commercial approaches in agricultural activities. This approach will build the capacities of participants in the areas of entrepreneurship value to their knowledge. The agribusiness training has will be graduates diversify their income sources. Many people who are plague with poverty do not know they can make a lot of money from agriculture even the home base type of agriculture. Smallholder agribusinesses do not require much capital and with little technology a lot of profits can be maximized.

The NAEC model is basically experiential in learning integrated with a social intervention package and designed to respond to human capital development and economic. The trainees therefore will be exposed to relevant information that will stir up latent abilities/skills and expose them to other development opportunities around them.

Program Focus

To train participant to be engaged in agribusiness .

Program Objectives

  • Enhance participants understanding and awareness of basic business concepts and market conditions that affect abilities to maximize  profits, and improve production;
  • Make participants understand the broader context of suppliers, procedures, service providers, wholesalers, retailers, and consumers in the agriculture value chain.
  • To discover practice methods and techniques for planning, income projection, risk assessment, debt management, saving and profit maximization.
  • Improve skills in the areas of financial management (including cash flow) record-keeping, and market analysis;
  • Formulate individual action plans to implement what is learned after the training.

Training Implementation

Each training program is expected to run for 2 days and a maximum of 3 days. The recommended class size is between 20 to 30 trainees per batch. Training venue is best conducted in church environment. There will be daily registration of all in attendance. The entire exercise is expected to be highly participatory due to the nature of the NAEC model.