How to start Greenhouse Farming in Nigeria


What is Greenhouse Farming?

A greenhouse is a structure designed to provide a protected, controlled environment in which the plant can grow and attain their performance objectives.

Design and Features and requirements

For a greenhouse to be functionally effective, it must provide shelter for the plants from the elements in all directions. i.e the roof, the floor and the side walls. There must also be reasonable air movement within the house while insects and other disease vectors are kept out. Adequate an even distribution of sunlight in the house is essential. A reliable source of
good quality nutrient will be provided through the aquaculture waste water.


The greenhouse structure must be properly anchored by means of strong anchoring wires running from the sops of all the uprights to anchor points other ground about 4 feet from base of the frame. The anchor points on the ground will consist of metal rods (16mm thick) deeply embedded in concrete, with only their curved end projecting above the ground.
Appropriate strapping of durable materials will also run all the way from the same anchopoints on one side over the roof to the corresponding anchor point on the opposite side.