About Us

My name is Olumide Jude Akintonde Who currently a student of  Ph.D  (Development Studies) at the  University of Nigeria, Enugu and a certified Master Trainer of the Nigerian Agricultural Enterprise Curriculum (a curriculum developed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

 I am an agribusiness consultant who has trained several agribusiness owners and turned around hopes at their businesses. I have developed several agribusiness plans/models across the country to start businesses or attract loans for individual, corporate bodies and governments.

I do advisory services for small- and/or medium-sized businesses, designing and implementing business models and plans. I develop home farms, school farms, and gardens. My services also support advisory services to entrepreneurs and cooperatives. I develop and analyze businesses to attract loan schemes and identifying new markets for individuals and corporate bodies.

I help build technology to help farmers increase productivity, share information and connect them with each other as well as link traders to farmers and farm organizations to create business opportunities. My technical and training services has built, revived micro, small and medium sized businesses, entrepreneurs and farmers, NGOs, and governments across Nigeria.